Amnesiac high elf who wanders the world to find remnants of her past.


5’10" but wears heels that makes her around 6’ tall. Long red hair, always wears black clothes, and has a tongue piercing. Shes nice but distant and doesn’t share things very willingly. Gay and luvs girls. The Perfect Goth GF.


Ava was found 3 years ago by a half-orc woman named Tara. She was badly injured and couldn’t remember anything about herself, including her name. She was taken in and nursed back to health, and over the course of the next few months, they formed a bond, and Ava stayed with her. Ava chose her name from a novel she read while in recovery. She spent the time learning many things about herself, including that she could use magic. She retaught herself minor cantrips with the help of Tara. Around a year and a half later, trying to defend her home and girlfriend, Tara was killed. Ava, distraught, tried to heal Tara with a few of the spells she had been learning, but it failed. From that day forward, she swore she would never lose someone important to her again, even if it meant bringing them back from the dead. Over the course of the next half year, Ava trained her magic in necromancy and tracked down the people who killed Tara, and killed them for taking the only thing she had in this world from her, then leaving the only place she had known. Now, without a home, or anyone she knows, she wanders from town to town, looking for jobs, things to learn, and anything that may remind her of her past.


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