Maeral "Mae" Erjyre

A wood elf paladin and the self proclaimed "Guardian of Ephyz"


Maeral is a short wood elf at the age of 109. Her brown face is slightly chubby and covered with freckles, along with the rest of her body. Her ldark green hair is brushed to the left side of her face and is styled into a long messy braid that comes over her right shoulder, with an accented braid that wraps around the top of her head. She has large golden eyes that shine in the light and plump, slightly red lips. She has decorated her droopy ears with two piercings each, and has a single ball piercing in the center below her bottom lip.
Maeral is of fairly average size for a wood elf, however is a bit plumper than most. She also is in good shape, and has fairly nicely sized muscles, developed from her 100-so years of swinging and flinging herself through the trees of her home island; and also from building her own home in the center of the forest. Maeral is also fairly flexible, as she used to be a performer and she would steal pretty jewelry from visitors.


Maeral lived most of her life in the Epyhz Woodland, a small island full of lush trees and clear waterfalls. She lived alone mostly as a hermit, not really interacting with some of the other wood elves in Epyhz. Maeral frequently observed visiting tourists who came from the other islands to see the lush forest, occasionally stealing the pretty jewels they carried. She became sort of a local legend, the elusive wood elf who would swipe your shiny items. Gradually as she got older, the tourism of Epyhz slowed down, and the magic of the people keeping the land alive ebbed away, slowly killing the trees and plants. As the wildlife diminished and wilted, the other wood elves fled from Epyhz, but Maeral stayed. Maeral is now the only humanoid being living on Ephyz, residing in the center of the island where some of the wildlife is still vibrant and alive. Maeral now lives to restore Ephyz to it’s former glory. She is skilled in the lay of the land, and has intense knowledge in plants and herbal medicine.

Maeral "Mae" Erjyre

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