Eon Hex


Relatively short tiefling ranger. Skin is light purple; whites of eyes, hair, nails, and tail rattlers are dark gray; tongue, tails, and eyes are darker purple than skin. Has two sharp, thick-to-thin horns protruding straight up starting abt an inch above his ears and extending 5 inches above the top of his head. Has two smaller horns abt an inch tall and rounded set a small bit in front of where the larger horns meet the top of his head. Both sets of horns are cloudy gray. Has two rattlesnake-like tails coming from the base of his spine.


Eon was born to unknown parents of unknown origin and unknown consequences. “Raised” in an orphanage but brought up on the streets, Eon learned to be self-sufficient and fight more for himself than anyone else. He worked among many gang-type groups throughout his early teenage years and found a sort of family among them. After a few too many betrayals by his ever-changing companions, however, Eon fled at the age of 15. He now finds himself traveling with strangers for some goal he can’t quite see, more or less only in it for money and/or a good fuck.

Eon Hex

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